Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space Original, Limited Edition DVD


  • Award winning, like your mom used to make.
  • Sounds good, looks good, isn’t good.
  • Limited edition. Like the player. Or Clint Eastwood.
  • Irritates dogs and small rodents.
  • Better than a poke in the eye. Or swine flue. Or bird flu. Or bat flu. Or pangolin flu. Or camel flu. Or probably any flu really. The flu sucks. Especially the new stuff. I mean, woof!
  • Yer killin’ me! Yer killin’ me!!

Don’t Go

Out There!

Don’t go out there and leave me alone. I can’t call anyone, cuz, they cut the phone. Please don’t leave me, don’t go out. It might be those Flesh Eating Ghouls that they’re talkin about! Uwuhhuh, dooo waaaahhh!


**From another far away time and in a parallel universe in which puppets do not have articulating mouths, yet sing their little hearts out…