The Afterlife Experience

with Bony Tony – NOW SHOWING

New episodes of The Afterlife Experience With Bony Tony are now being released.

Tales from the Crypt meets The Tonight Show!

Bony Tony is host as each episode features special guest appearances, music, animation and of course puppetry. 

Entertaining Boneheads for Decades 

Bony Tony legacy goes back to the groovy 20th century man. Like whoa.

Entire Worlds of Unique and Funny Characters

Bony Tony is only the host of the Afterlife. Many other quirky characters await!

Bony Tony is a Goth Legend

Bony Tony is the one and only Bone Daddy. The host with the most bone.

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Bony Tony cracks me up! When I am having a bad day I watch a few of his videos.

Charlotte T.

The Afterlife with Bony Tony is my favorite show on the interwebs right now! Bony Tony is killing it!

Phoebe L.

The Afterlife Show

The Afterlife Experience with Bony Tony –  is a comedy showcase series intended to present the talent and tenacity of the Phoenix, AZ arts community.

The 2021 season of The Afterlife Experience with Bony Tony is now being released weekly throughout the year. Fresh programming can be viewed on Facebook, Instagram @ogbonytony and YouTube.

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